whats the payoff

Hello like to get some advice , my wife is adhd she a special ed teacher who cant hold down a job , mostly from what i see no flexibility (black or white) and usually has a hard time with staff members, what i find is she is constantly negative

its a real struggle for me financially , Im on dialysis and i go to work everyday, what iam trying to do is not react to her problems , nobody want to be around her because its constant neg about someone or something ,

you would think she would learn off her mistakes, i heard that adhd people like to seek out conflict to stimulate themselves, what im really trying to do is not to react to her.

i just don't want her to bang in my ear anymore , she must be getting some type of payoff with me listening to her ,right she just started another job , don't get me wrong these kids she has in class are bad , but she only been there 3 days.

Im not ignoring, her but shell call me at work , im trying to be a little more distance or not engage in the conversation she wants to talk about.