When add Spouse wants sex

I've read about a tendency of people with add to be shut down in the area of sexual intimacy... because of distraction, I guess?

Or maybe it depends more on what other conditions are comorbid with the add?

And, of course, each person is an individual, so there's alot of variation. My husband, e.g., does not have issues with erratic driving. He also wants sex and is highly offended if I do not. He's hurt by my lack of pursuit of him and initiation. I know that is also a common theme. I also know there's a seed of truth in his complaint. I'm just not sure what to do about it, since I am not sure how to even build even the small amount of emotional intimacy which might open the door to more. I guess we could talk about sex more often. He definitely listened well during that discussion. Argh. He can SO tune in when it suits him. Any thoughts/ideas?