When ADHD spouse causes Physical Harm

What is a healthy productive way of dealing with this ?  I might just be brain foggy but I'm not seeing any resources concerning this. Could some Kind point me to some?

Today I am having an allergy attack, and I have taken the WRONG medication !  Why ? Because my ADHD spouse brought home the wrong medication and I didn't have my glasses on to double it in the middle of an allergy attack.  I am Anaphylatic so this is extremely dangerous  for me, It won't kill me this time, but it could in the future.  This time it will just cause me extreme pain.

This isn't the first time he has done this, and it's not the only safety concern .  He regularly brings home things I am allergic to, which causes me severe allergy attacks.  He not only leaves the stove on, he insists, on putting Flammable objects on the stove and then loses it when, I ask him not to do that because it's a safety hazard.

I realize this is a bit of a rant, but the question is Honest, I am at teh end of my rope here and short of moving out, have no idea of  how to deal with this.

He is supposedly in treatment for the past year, but all the doctor does is change his medication around, and now he is off it because it was making him unintelligible.  The "counselor has seen him ONCE for a "getting to know you session" and only tells him she will see when she can "fit him in".

If I have to choose between my life and my husband, the choice is Definitely my life!  Is there no other way to safety for me?