When H told me we need to sit down an look at our finances, this isn't what I was expecting!

Since H hasn't worked in 3 months he thought we should look at our finances one night and cut what we could. I thought "Great, we'll take an hour and spread all our bills out on the kitchen table and go over them one by one. Well what was I thinking?! His idea of going over finances is sitting on the couch in front of the tv and opening up a few websites on the laptop to see what we owe. His attention is mostly on the tv and after a couple of websites he basically goes "Well we'll just have to cut back on grocery shopping or something then." He had no desire to go over each bill and find a solution. This is why we can never have a conversation about money because he has no patience to talk about how to cut back and just says "We'll stop going out to dinner" and then 2 days later he wants to go out for dinner! Or we'll buy $100 worth of groceries and come home and he'll want to order a pizza!