When I need rest and he goes goes goes

Hi all - Wondering what is the answer to our current conundrum or what are the boundaries I can set for my needs.

We have six wonderful kids, all ADHD. I run our household while my husband travels for work so the parent/child dynamic in ADHD marraiges never fits us. But what is the case is my husband is go go go and I have a combined type where i need to rest. We are currently on a school vacation week and for him it is the mecca of the ski season, we have a ski house, and our kids all can ski. However, I need to recoup and rest this week and experiencing him firing things at me about the house, the skis, the kids, the meeting up, is exhausting. I am sitting on the chair lift in the sunshine and he is going through all of the logistics for skiing the next day.I am in the hot tub and he is again going over the logistics. I made a pasta dinner and a few beers in he is critiquing and being overly authoritative to our kids when he has missed half of what is going on and is wrong in his criticism of them. I am so worn out and think I am approaching ADHD burnout. Coming up against my limits is a huge anger trigger for him. I want to skip this trip or coming up north but I really want to spend time with my older kids. Anyone else have a  spouse that runs hot on vacations? Or doesn't allow you to relax? This happens at home on the weekends too.