When I'm sick a little sympathy comes my way...

My ADD partner noticed me the last couple of days!

Normally he's pretty inattentive but because I've been home sick from work he's been showing his caring side. He made me soup and tea and brought it up to me in bed last night. In the morning he felt my forehead on waking to see if I was feverish... He asked me if I was hungry and then proceeded to make me breakfast in bed.

When he went out to the store he asked me if I wanted anything.. And he told me he'd mail a couple of letters for me that must go out today.

I love it when he takes care of me! I really wasn't expecting him to show he cares at all because normally he's pretty much indifferent on the outside! 

My heart is smiling...

Last I remember, you guys had

Last I remember, you guys had started counseling right? and you were very excited? You think maybe this is a positive side affect of that?

Sorry you're feeling bad! Feel better soon!

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No, this caring side comes

No, this caring side comes out every once and a while... :)

It's just nice to be able to see it and post it so I can remind myself that its not all bad. I'm trying to see the more positive aspects of our relationship because that is more in line with the type of person I am. Angry is not. :/

I can't say the counseling hasn't had an affect on the relationship. It all seems to be getting through to him, slowly. 

I'm glad we've finally gotten to the point where we're in therapy, he's on meds and considering a coach. We're slowly moving passed denial and into a more healthier approach to the whole thing.

I'm gonna try and post more comments under the "joys" section.

Hoping all the while it remains "joyful". lol

Wish me luck! :/