When my back is turned

My hyper husband has done it again. When my back was turned he performed the task of hanging pictures on brand new walls. We had discussed it and agreed to center the pics on the walls. He went in and hung the pics where HE felt like it. (very off center). Now when He goes to work I can rehang them and fill in the holes & paint over them. If I say ANYTHING to him about this, He will go off into an angry outburst and it'll be "who cares, I didn't do anything wrong, you don't do anything around here, so I had to do it, f-off, etc" in his rage he'll start moving stuff from one place to another ( usually my stuff) and I spend days trying to find the simplest stuff I need. I feel like crying, I want to scream. And I can't say one darn thing without setting him off. And he's going to be pissed if I don't acknowelage his effort and say thanks & tell him it looks good. Even if I stand right next to him in a task like this he will wait till I turn away for a second get that nail in as fast as he can & it's never what we just agreed on. All I can do is go back and fix it when he's not here & he'll never notice. I'm so tired of this. Keeping my mouth shut to keep the peace. His ADHD is untreated by the way....... My guts are turning & I feel like my head is going to blow off. :(