When will I be good enough?

When will I be good enough? I take my meds and I go to counseling, so does my son. I work full time and I pay the bills on time. The house is clean and tidy but not a showcase. My son is doing well enough at school and he is about as well behaved as any kid. I babysit my niece and nephew and they are good for kids with disabilities. I have schedules and reminders and I'm rarely late or behind. I don't lie, cheat or steal. We have sex once or twice a week. I cook good healthy but not fancy meals. For someone with ADHD and an ADHD child I'm doing pretty damned good. So why isn't it good enough for him? It feels like every time I achieve something or do something right it just sets the bar higher. He says that I shouldn't get praise for things I'm supposed to be doing anyway but damn I'd really like a pat on the head now an then. I'll get the kitchen clean after cooking him dinner and get picked at for forgetting to turn the dishwasher on after loading it. Boo hoo this is the end of the world? This warrants a talking to? This cancels out the fact that i came home after working 8 hours to cook him dinner and clean the kitchen? My son with learning disabilities and ADHD does good in school but is certainly not at the top of his class, this is not good enough? He MUST be doing over 80% or its not enough?

When will I be good enough? When do the expectations end? Can't he see how much I struggle just to do what I do now? How can he keep demanding more of me? He knew about ADHD when we got together so why does he want me to be the perfect normal little woman? What do I have to do? Why can't he be happy and proud of me? Why am I not allowed to make mistakes?