When words are the worst kind of communication.

How many times because of either denial, unconcern, inability to hear (no matter the reason) have words destroyed peaceful moments for you? I have come to realize my trouble is me in every instance...First, to share with words, someone has to care to listen, and do it...How many times have I tried to press into a closed mind with words that wasn't desired, nor under no circumstances going to be heard, yet I continued. Too many!...How many times have I not wanted or wasn't able to receive truth about myself because I was blind to it? So, should I expect my spouse to here my perceived truths, or even realities about her state, and what I think will fix it?  It is frustrating though to see a person you love trapped in the box of denial because of pride, and past hurts among other things that hinder the ability to grow and mature. But, I'm encouraged because there are other ways to communicate our love for them with few or no words....As a matter of fact, when I rely on unspoken communication methods...I see in her actions and my even hear a quiet statement that lets me know she know's she should come out of the box....But it's her safe house....How many of us have a safe house?