Where do you begin?

I have been married for almost 27 years, and my husband has just been officially diagnosed with ADHD.  Though I have been in and out of counseling, both with and without my husband, to try and find some answers and personal peace, I never thought to consider ADHD as something that was affecting my marriage.  My husband has started counseling to help him understand and manage his symptoms.  His focus is primarily on himself and has little to do with our marriage.  Out of curiosity, I started googling articles on ADHD and marriage, and I was shocked to find out that my husband and I have a "textbook" ADHD marriage.  The problems I have struggled with that have caused me so much personal pain were being spelled out clearly as common situations in each article I read.  So many years of dysfunction and struggle, pain and anger, sadness and frustration. So much disappointment and unnecessary misunderstanding.  What does one do now, with this knowledge, when you have lived more than half your life in such an unsatisfactory way?  I am overwhelmed with the sadness I feel, but at the same time some of my constant anger/simmering internal rage, seem to be slipping away with this new understanding.  I do not know what the future holds, but I hope things will get better.  I am almost too afraid to hope for too much because nothing has ever really changed.  -