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I figured out today that I Am ADHD. I am 63' a widower. My wife.committed suicide in 1999' when our children were 16 and 12. They both have college degrees and jobs. I retired at 59 Iin 2007, had a stroke in 2009', sustained an injury in feb. 2009 and have chronic pain and a visual impairment. I had $80,000 in liquid assets in 2009, and nothing now. I can't drive, can't buy a date,pay for a caregiver and realize I thrived under the demands of single parenthood and crumbled in retirement. Is this how we inattentive adhds end up? My therPist doesn't think I"m ADHD. I think constantly of my losses, have no motivation and anticipate no improvements. What can I do?
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Regardless of ADHD or not...

It sounds as though you have depression. Which can go hand in hand with ADD/ADHD, especially if you feel run down by trying to keep up all your life and being told you are lazy, forgetful, whatever other unneeded labels. You say you have a therapist. Are you seeing them regularly? Have you talked about the lack of motivation and poor outlook for the future? With the setbacks you've been dealt it would be a miracle if you didn't feel some sadness. I don't know if you can "blame" ADHD when you've had some other physical issues and had to raise two children on your own.

If it matters to you if you do have ADHD, you can get a neuropsychological test done that will tell you one way or another. And check in with your therapist about how you are feeling. Medication is not the end all be all, but with chronic depression it can help you get to a place that feels better in your head so you can function better. Do you have family or friends you can hang out with? Hobbies you enjoy? The more you stay in your head the harder it is to get out again.