H has evolved into being a constant whiner.  It started a few years ago and has become worse.  In fact, he's lost his golf partner because of the whining.


Now, H whines about the simplest inconveniences....what I call, "life's hiccups".  A couple of days ago, we were in a parking lot looking for a space.  We saw one up the aisle on the left and began to approach it.  Another car came down the aisle from the opposite direction.  The other car had no intention of taking that space, they were just coming down the aisle.  H got annoyed that he had to stop (not make his left turn into the space) so that the other car could pass.  We're talking about a 2 second delay!!!   

H then insisted that this was an example of another "weird thing" that makes his life so miserable!  Lol.  OMG.  He then began lecturing me about how I'm not empathetic to the "fact" (lol) that his days are filled with "weird things happening" that upset him.  He kept insisting that other people don't have all these odd things happen.  Uh,, yes they do....it's called life.