Who is doing something for themselves this weekend??

Question: who is doing something for themselves this weekend?  Many of us may have Monday off, so...anything fun??  I dread the weekends--absolutely hate them so I make plans for myself.  This weekend my 17 year old (senior in high school) is working all day all three days.  He is a token taker at the boat launch by us and most of the college students who work at the beach have gone back so he picked up extra shifts.  Lifeguards are done this weekend, too.  So he will be occupied all weekend.  The 19 year old will be around but he takes classes at the community college and works so he is likely to spend a lot of the next three days asleep!  I am finishing the first two weeks back to school and I am EXHAUSTED so I plan to sleep super late tomorrow.  Football game at the high school tonight--the high schooler plays in the marching band.  I love the other band moms, so that is super fun.  It's like our very own Friday Night Lights!  Tomorrow after sleeping in, I may go for a pedicure and then sit out at a cafe and read my book.  I got most of my school planning done for next week so I don't have much for the weekend.  Sunday I go to 9am mass at my church that I love the meeting a friend for brunch after.  Hoping to get to the beach Sunday afternoon and Monday during the day.  For teachers this first long weekend is a life saver--we run on empty the first two weeks and then get a little reprieve over Labor Day!!!

I find if I get out of the house over the weekends it helps.  DH is content to sit in his chair and watch you tube all weekend.  I am not, especially if it is nice out.  We live in a suburb of Chicago so nice weather is hard to come by--it's either freezing or 1000 degrees here!  I love to go to the beach, or to a cafe and read my book, something like that.  I don't need to do anything fancy, but I cannot sit in the house.  I also want to take a nice long walk each of the three days.  Exercise goes out the window the first two weeks back to school.  

Those of us living with an ADHD person need to be pretty proactive about taking care of themselves or we will fall apart.  What are some ways you plan to do that for yourself this weekend???

hugs to all-