I feel strongly about helping ADHDers and those who care about them. Why? Because we are not monsters. Because I wasn't a monster. Not at the beginning of my voyage, at least, I was the opposite of a self-centered, aggressive, unpleasant, demanding, hate-filled, trouble maker.  But no one knew that--except for one friend I made in the fifth grade.*  TRAITS we often share in common are BIG HEARTEDNESS. SENSITIVITY. GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT. I ached to have my folks "get it." They were so highly educated, if they believed I was no good, I had to be no good. At the same time some dying voice inside reminded me that I was not who they thought I was. It tormented me. "If they only knew me!" I thought.


* We were playing a game called 4-square during recess. Instead of slamming the ball into a weaker player's square, I gently guided the ball to ensure the player could handle it and stay in the game. He saw me doing that and wanted to be friends. We just spoke on the phone. We remain good friends 55 years later. 

That brings up emotions. Whenever I'm reminded on some deeper level that I wasn't all bad, it brings tears to my eyes.