why all the STORIES

My DH has done this our whole married life: whatever it is, he is the BEST, knows the MOST, is the MOST qualified, thank GOD he came along or else the company would be in shambles, blah blah blah.  Currently we are in a weird place--he has been in Houston since Sept 1, coming home only on weekends and sometimes not even then because his current company sent him there to deal with many flooded properties.  I'll be honest--I LOVE it.  I love not having to listen to the boasting, love not having to try to figure out which part of the convoluted stories are true, love the absence of conflict.  When he is home now I notice the nonsensical talk, the grandiosity even more.  He's been home since last night and here are some examples: there are TWO companies interested in him right now and BOTH are willing to pay BIG bucks to hire him BUT they both have to do some more thinking and planning before either of them makes an offer.  Seriously?  What is really going on is he is closing in on three years at his current company and the shine has worn off and he is bored.  While I have no way to confirm this, I would bet dollars to donuts that he met someone in each of these companies and they said something like WOW-I wish we had someone like you working for us.  This morning he tells me that he recommended his current contractor in Houston to another property manager that he knows and the contractor told him if they take the bid they will give him a 3% referral fee.  Of the $5 million dollar project.  Sure they will.  Why the need to make this stuff up?  None of it ever happens.  I don't even retain the information for more than a day any more.  I used to get all excited and plan what we might do with the extra money but I don't any more because it never happens.  

So much of what we all post here is about how we have lost ourselves in trying to make an ADHD marriage work.  After 22 years of turning myself inside out to maintain this ridiculous relationship, like many others, I have decided that it is not possible to have a normal partnership with an ADHD person.  That is my experience and if you have managed to stay true to yourself AND stay married to an ADHD person then I applaud you.  I cannot.  With DH gone so much since September I can really see what a different person I am with him home vs him gone.  I like myself so much more without him.  We often don't even talk on the phone during the week and that is fine too.  I sleep better without him.  I eat better without him.  When he is home I am holding my breath waiting for him to go so I can clean up the clutter and exhale.  That said, we are moving in June and I don't think we can afford two places so I am going to have to figure out a way to be myself and be under the same roof as him.  Not looking forward to that I can tell you.

Not sure what my point is today, just thoughts.