Why did you marry X when now, you're so unhappy with X?

Actually, I think a better title for this is "Why didn't you not marry X, given that you're so unhappy with X now?"

I married my H because I was young, idealistic, and stupid.  Being idealistic and not a fortune-teller, I didn't know that the following things would happen after we got married.  If these things had happened before we got married, I hope I would have been brave enough to not follow through with getting married.

H cheated on our taxes one year.

H was let go from his job but didn't tell me, even when I consulted him about my plan to quit my job to be at home more with our young children.

H was unemployed for more than five years.  When I could no longer bite my tongue and said anything to him about looking for work, he told me that my asking him was keeping him from applying for jobs.

H was fired again six years ago.  He has not applied for any jobs.

H again suggested we cheat on our taxes.

When our children became preteens, H started withdrawing from them and me.  Apparently, children are only worth taking care of when they're little and you can play with them.

there's more, but I think that's enough for now.