WHY Do I Feel Invisible?

Is this something my fellow "non"s have experienced?:

We (I and my ADHD spouse) have been dealing with a volatile issue-money(go figure). Since this, and let's be honest, sometimes when we are doing ok, I reach out and...nothing(he's not there/doesn't want to talk). Then, he brings up a touchy subject, I respond, I ask for a response and...nothing. I do not hear back from him, until muuuch later, and then it is almost like it never happened. I start to wonder if I am crazy...?

He says he will call, I don't hear from him. By the way, this is NOT the norm when we are doing fine. When I ask what happened, he gets angry/defensive. Then, he comes forward and calls me. When we talk this time it is like nothing happened. I reach out, he doesn't answer. And around and around we go. Any insights on this bizarre behavior?