Why do I live with this??

H finally went back to work on Monday after nearly 2 weeks of not going in. Doctor put him on light duty for 2 weeks due to his knee. H said this was his plan all along because he can't stand his manager and one of his coworkers in the area he works so he is working in a different area. Said he needed these 2 weeks off to get his head together and now while he's in this area he is going to talk to other managers and get his resume updated for other job positions in the company. Of course! Who doesn't take 2 weeks off without pay to get their head together?! I tell him I can't stand one of my coworkers who sits right next to me because she never shuts up and how I would like to take 2 weeks off to "get my head together" too but that's not an option for me! I go in to work like EVERY OTHER ADULT who has a job and get through it! Of course his situation is WAY different than mine and he has every right to do what he did and certainly tries to justify it to me! He said he'll back and see the doctor after 2 weeks and have him extend his light duty. Well he went in on time on Monday and then yesterday he tells me how happy he is working where he is now and said he got to work on time and then just sat in the car for a 1/2 hour playing on his phone and then sauntered on in to work about 45 minutes late. I said "Why would you do that" and his response is "Why not? I used sick time". WHY??? Why do you use sick time for such STUPID stuff as just being too lazy to go in? You finally like where you are so go in on time! He says that everything is so chill there that he doesn't think they really care. He did the same thing today where he didn't leave until 30 minutes after he should have and got in another 45 minutes late. Yeah you are putting on a real good show for the manager in this area that you want to get ingrained with! 2nd day on the job and you are showing up late. He thinks he is so invincible! He thinks he can charm anyone into doing what he wants. Has all these big plans for what he's going to do. Meanwhile I'm stuck paying all the bills because he can't contribute. Just went online and checked his paycheck he'll be getting tomorrow. For two weeks he's got a vacation day, a holiday and 2 actual work days. After child support and loan payments and food service is taken out his check ($452 total) it comes to $389! He had more taken out than what he came home with! He SHOULD be coming home with $1000 more than that! That can't pay for anything. He can take care of his student loan payments and credit card payment and then he's broke again! No help to pay all our other bills or mortgage payment or groceries or gas. I pay an extra $1200 a month for his share of stuff.

He just seems to find the whole thing comical. And the more angry I get about what he's doing the more comical he finds it!