Why do we do horrible things, then feel sorry after?Putting aside ADHD and the long shot of it, aren't we people with brain's?ADHD may have some symptoms to go with the long term distractions' in life but there is the "THINK BEFORE" we do things especially if it will bring heart break.I am no expert but I have a brain and I try not to do things to then feel sorry after.Today my spouse is no longer a part of me since he do things then feel sorry after..He cheated then felt sorry,he cursed me then felt sorry,he accused me wrongfully then felt sorry after,he did everything to then feel sorry after.what is the point in doing all that to then feel sorry after?"SORRY" won't stop the pain "SORRY" is just a word in the dictionary.It means a lot to hear it sometimes, especially from some one who has the right and man up to his wrong doings,but to me it's just not acceptable if it is the same "SORRY" over and over again.In love the beginning is always the most beautiful,he brings flowers,he treats you like gold,take's you nice restaurants,take you on long vacations all expenses paid at the best Resort in town,tells you how mush we are a match and he has been looking for you all his life,he would complain about pass relationships if their qualities matches or not,at first everything is right,he accepts your biggest piece of baggage and never has a problem "AT FIRST".Then comes marriage with little to none expecting the worse,the living together becomes rather intense to many things starts to rise from east,west,north and south.He would start complaining about everything,but before he knew all I had and more but never found it to be a problem,my biggest piece of baggage is my kids,he knew that but sort to have problems about that now,and many other things along with that."sorry"  is what he feels now since he did so many things to me to then feel ":SORRY" for.He will never get me back to love him again for all the wrong things he did to me,"SORRY" he would lost his partner who loved him intensely,crazy,and genuinely for life"SORRY"he would never be able to get his favorite meals again I use to cook for him "SORRY"he would never be able to even know my love again for what it was worth"SORRY".I left him and now he comes to my home feeling "SORRY" well as is said I try my best to never do things and then feel "SORRY"after but this time I am "SORRY" sorry we did not make it..

If you left him and you are

If you left him and you are done with him, then, what I am saying wont help you but may help someone else.


I think you really need to educate yourself about ADHD if you have any chance to having a decent relationship with someone with ADD treated or not.  The Executive Function that is impaired in ADHD's brain doesn't allow them to easily figure out consequences in advance of their actions which often leads them to act on their impulses (in your situation cheating).  If you are curious to learn more, the easiest method is watching the videos by Barkley on youtube.

hi tdsb 12 .Striving and coping is the word to use.

What does understanding the ADHD brain having to do with me having a decent relationship or any body else for that matter..ADHD as far as I have been reading is long term pain and endless suffering.If they can't figure out consequences and get help and that too don't work then according to what i have read on line is that ADHD's' are more likely to end up separated,divorced,or alone so it's not about having a decent relationship,it's never decent according to all forums and blogs and things i have read thus far.ADHD there is nothing decent about it.It's coping and striving is the word you should use.

You are describing life with

You are describing life with untreated ADHD. It's not the end of the world to have ADHD, but left untreated it will cause immense pain for those who try to love them. ADHDers can be difficult, if not impossible to live with. My husband's ADHD has been horrible at times, but I know he is a decent man underneath it all and I am willing to work with him. I have no judgement for those who choose to leave, but please understand, every marriage is different. 

hi waterfall

I always knew every marriage is different, it's just that like I told a previous comment,I am very hurt and confused right now because I am new to ADHD and I know I have spoken of only the wrong that my husband did me, and not the right, because the weight of wrong, out weighs the right, but, he too is a very nice person at times and not always a monster but, I am not going to defend the bad because of his good,the two is completely different. take care.