why does anyone have too?

I've read many forums on here and so many questions of why the non ADHD person has to change their lives to be happy in a marriage that clearly only one person is responsible for working or not working, so it seems to me!  I've worked on me and doing things for me and all he does is take that opportunity while I try to live a life that makes me happy doing things I would do being the social person I am.  Do you know what I get out of it?  I get even more lonely!  If I start going and doing things I want to do he doesn't mind because he would get to spend countless hours in the garage doing who knows what in there.  He locks the door and I have to knock to get in but when he isn't in the garage he will leave it  unlocked.  Does anyone else think that is weird?  I am a very caring person and hearing some things that come out of his mouth while we watch tv on certain subjects are very upsetting to me.  Obviously I want my marriage to work cause I'm still married but I almost daily ask myself WHY?  I have a good job I provide the insurance and I am a very positive person so why do I want to keep living in what seems to me to be a Stuck life.  I want to move forward and be with someone who provides the same qualities as I do to a relationship.  It is very difficult for me to understand why I have spent so much time trying to be happy in my marriage I'm not happy in.  So Why do I try to make things better and Stay?  Anyone know?