Why Does it Take Someone with a Ferrari Brain so Long to Respond?


I am a little confused about something.  I understand that someone with ADHD has a brain like a Ferrari - in that it moves very fast.  I have read that conversationally, someone with ADHD is "way ahead" because their thoughts race and I have read that "they know the end of the story way before the speaker gets there."  And I know from experience that someone with ADHD talks and moves from topic to topic very quickly.  My confusion is - if someone with ADHD thinks so quickly and talks so quickly, why does it take so long to formulate a response?  Is it because switching from listening mode to speaking mode is difficult?  If so, that also helps me understand why it is so hard for my wife to participate in the conversational "give and take" that I prefer, where one person says something, the other responds, the first responds, etc.  As opposed to the monologue style conversation that my wife seems to prefer - where one person talks for a long time, then the other talks for a long time.