Why does my ADHD husband feel that he gets along with "everyone else but me" ???

I am desperate and feel that my 13 year marriage is on the brink of divorce.  My husband found out a few years ago that he has ADHD (our 7 year old son was diagnosed shortly thereafter with PDD/NOS and ADHD).  I purchased a copy of Melissa's book on the ADHD Effect on Marriage in the hopes that it would help us (well, just me for now).  My husband is on medication now but everyday starting usually around noon, his meds seem to wear off and he is very quick to anger and verbal abuse.  Today, he asked me.. "So, what's wrong? Are you just always going to be like this?"  I told him I feel like I am walking on eggshells because I don't know if what I want to say to make him angry.  Then, I took a chance and brought up the idea of looking into help for his ADHD and how it may be affecting our marriage.  Oh!!!! He blew up, "I see..  so it's ALL MY FAULT?!" he yelled.  I calmly explained that I had been doing some research and bought a book about it and it really seemed to describe our problems.  He went on with, "Let me guess... this book, was it written by a WOMAN?!?!?"  This is typical of the rude comments I hear daily from him.  It is really wearing me down, emotionally.  I feel that I don't have much fight left in me, but I am scared to be on my own with no job, no money, 3 dear pets and my son - very scary thought, but I can't stand this much longer...

As I was trying to put Melissa's book in a "nutshell" description (my husband does NOT like to read) he asked me, "Well, tell me then why do I get along with everyone but YOU???  Everything in my life is fine except for You." (more hurt...)

Please help Dr. Orlov (and anyone else!!!)  I don't know what to do.  I feel like I am putting on an act and have lost who I am as a person!

Thank you so much,

Sad in Florida