Why is it so hard?

We can't talk anymore, on meds, no meds, morning, noon or night! Why us it so hard to talk to them? Last night I asked him a question and then again the blank state! I said are you thinking or ignoring me? He said a little of both! I said why are you ignoring me? He said I'm not, I'm thinking. And he heard me give another option besides thinking and ignoring! Then this morning,I have to tell you guys my morning, DH was stirring when I got up to get the kids up and ready for school. And of course the new puppy is hungry so I fed her in the crate and he let her run when she was done. I told him I had a crazy morning and had to get in the shower. I said are you going to keep her on the bed with you or do you want me to lock her up? He said I'll keep her on the bed. I'm getting literally getting in the shower, and here she comes! I said did she jump or did you let her down? He said I put her down, I said I'm in the shower and she's unsupervised! He mumbled something from the bed. I looked out of the shower and there she goes taking a poop on the carpet! Grrrrr so I'm pissed because if he had no intention of watching her, then don't volunteer! I would have just locked her up and not had to worry! But it's like I'm supposed to treat him like a normal person and not treat him different but he has no concept of anything other than what's important to him! Yes I understand he was trying to get that few minutes extra sleep but seriously don't volunteer to be on puppy duty if you have no intention on keeping an eye on her! And of course he hasn't had his meds yet so I can't even discuss this yet! Fml so do I have a right to be posses off or am I over reacting!