Wife doesn't belive in adhd how to get her to read the book


I just started reading the book I've had adhd my whole life diagnosed as a kid untreated after middle school  have been trying to find right meds for almost a year. Our marriage  is a mess definitely  parent/child dynamic  I also struggle with RSD. My wife doesn't  belive in adhd she hasn't actually  said this in reference  to me but we have a friend who has a adhd child and our grandsons father has it I've heard her say it's a excuse parents use for bad parenting! And if I try to explain  why I have done something  as a Adhd symptom she says I'm using it as a excuse. She tells me I'm the only one that can save our marriage I need to learn to not be so insecure  in our relationship (rsd) but everytime I screw up mostly adhd stuff (forget things, get distracted, hyoerfocus) she gets mad which of course to me is criticism which effects my rsd. Anyhow I've started meds haven't found right one or right dosage yet I'm reading this book and I think more than anything  working this book is the only thing that might save our marriage but I dont think she will read it. And I'm honestly  afraid to ask because  I feel like this is our only hope if she says no I'm not sure what to do.  I will say in her defense  she doesn't really  read any books and doesn't  have much time to read we have our 3.5 year old grandson and work different  shifts so we don't have to use daycare so when I'm working she doesn't  have much free time to read if she wanted too read it I'm pretty  sure no time to read will be her number one excuse. I just want to know if anyone  has been where I'm at and what strategy  you used or even a non adhd spouse that was like my wife fed up and a non believer how did your spouse get you to read it?