Wife Frustrated and Hurt

New to being here and I don't even know if I qualify. I love my husband. But I'm frustrated. When we met he said he liked that I worked and that I'm responsible.  He told me he just got hired at a good job. So he quit the current job and took a couple weeks off before starting his new job. I thought that's understandable. Little did I know, until now years later, that this is a pattern with him. Many jobs and years later here I am, frustrated and scared. He really did finally get a good job and at first he was over the moon and happy. Then the pattern started once again. Hated everyone he works with, the job sucks, I don't understand what it's like and etc...I pleaded with him not to quit. Well he got sick and had tests ran. He did have pneumonia and doctor wrote him outta work. He assured me he was going back.  Well that was 8 months ago he has now been terminated cause he said it's his bosses job to stay in contact with him. LTD and Unemployment have both denied him because there is nothing technically wrong and tests to prove it. We have a seasonal business that does ok, but it's up and coming. (Maybe) now to give a slight history on me, I got pregnant with our youngest at a little later in life and I developed some health issues which qualified me for SSD  he's made very snide comments about how he wants to stay home. And after he got sick I knew the pattern was coming again. He was almost giddy when he got terminated. He has no idea how worried and scared I am. We've sold things we worked hard to get. Our business he has in his mind is famous and people promise him things and he worries more about pleasing them with items we can't afford than taking care of his family. Cause in his mind our business is famous. Plus he thinks he does everything and I do nothing. I cook, clean, take care of bills, our children...he cant/won't even take out garbage. I wrap it up and he acts like he'll help but doesn't actually move. Or dishes, he'll say I'll do them and there they sit. Everything he wants or needs to do, always the same excuse "I'll do it tomorrow or don't worry I'll get to it".  The business I'm in fear will probably have to close. Cause we have to get stuff for it that we can't afford. He's made no move to look for a job and honestly he probably won't keep a job anyhow. He was finally put on adderral. It's helped him a little where he's not as moody, but he still has this grandiose idea that somehow we'll make it and everything's fine. There's so much more but I'd honestly be writing for days. I love him, but I'm scared. I have our youngest child, (our other children are grown) animals, mortgage, and other stuff to worry about. I'm so drained. Sometimes he's really happy, then he's moody and grumpy, sometimes he worries about us, then he turns into a braggart and grandiose!  He hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD, bi polar, or ADD. (Yet) his primary has told him he's depressed. I want and try to help him. However my priority is our child. Sorry for this being so long and if I shouldn't be on here I'm sorry. Many stories are mirroring my life in some ways!  Is he lazy or is there a problem?