Wife wants me to make a plan to fix the marriage

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and they have been extremely rocky.  I was diagnosed with ADHD about 8 years ago and take medication daily.  My wife is at the raging point of our marriage.  We have been living in separate parts of the house for just over a year now.  I'm the GM of a restaurant and work on average 60 hours a week.  It is not very conducive to a marriage and or personal life.  The reason I am posting this is because I need help.  She has been the one over the years moving her schedule around my ever changing work schedule; putting all the effort in to keep the marriage together; supporting me through my career and job changes; etc.  But now she is done and over it.  She will not spend another day off with me unless I have a plan to fix the marriage.  What does that mean?  She wants me to make up for the last 15 years and all the crap I have put her through.  I have researched the internet and looked at books but everything is so basic.  She doesn't want basic.  She can get anyone to cook her dinner, go on a bike ride or get her Starbucks.  She is a very intuitive empath, to which I am not.  The level of hurt she has inside is immeasurable.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Can someone point me in the direction on how to get a plan together for us to reconnect?  Any help would be appreciated.