Will book be released for iPad?

I finally got the courage to give my nonADD spouse. My request was for her to just read the first 30 pages. . . Not the whole book unless she wants to. . .and tell me what she thinks. In the meanwhile, I was hoping to add the book to my iPad, but I can't find it. ARGH! So my question follows my title.

Not yet

We aren't yet releasing the book electronically or in recorded format.  Perhaps sometime in the future.



Well dang.  Thanks for your response.  For some reason, I didn't get the usual email for forum responses, thus I didn't get this response right away.  Oh well.  

electronic version of the book

Yes, it is now available in electronic form, in both Kindle and other formats, as well as an audio book format.  See the home page (upper left block) for details.