Will he ever change? Should I just change my expectations?

I've posted many times in this forum about my DH; he's been in and out of work the entire time we've been married for 22 years. 

Right now he's going on year three of unemployment. He was briefly hired at a GREAT job, but was fired after one week. 

He does a lot of stuff around the house, so that's good. Helps with the kids. 

He *does* want to work, however, the field he stumbled into many years ago is not a good fit. His skills are severely outdated and he can't focus long enough to update them. 

Yesterday, we were having a talk and I mentioned that I am doing catch-up with savings as I started so late (this after waiting for him for many years to get his employment stable and finally giving up). 

His response was that he plans on changing careers and going after his dream job - a Disney Imagineer. 

He's drawing up a business plan (no clue why) and is planning on finding Disney employees and getting them to listen to all his ideas. 

I did about five minutes of research on this, and not only is it nearly impossible to get this job, you have to be super, SUPER specialized in something (there are hundreds of disciplines). He's not. You also have to have extensive training. He does not. 

His business plan seems to consist of him writing down a bunch of vague ideas and then somehow being hired. I don't know how; I didn't ask for details. 

This is just another in a VERY long line of crackpot ideas that have no follow through. I am focusing more on myself and taking care of ME and my inner life. But I'm wondering at this point if he will ever change? Should I just drop any expectations of him? He's a good man, good father. I don't want to live in resentment.