Will he ever realize it??

I am a little frustrated here.  I know I'm still new to this ADHD thing, but help me out here.  So I found some symptoms of ADHD, sounded like my husband, gave him one of those ADHD tests and it said "highly likely you have ADHD".  He TOTALLY sounds like he has it.  I come to this website and the way that everyone is describing their ADHD spouse is my husband to a T.  So why doesn't anyone else think he has it besides me?  We had our 2nd session with the therapist today and she told us she's still not sure he has ADHD.  And my husband will not admit he has it, which seems to be fairly common with them?  After our therapy sessions I always think of something I should have said that may have clued the therapist in more to think he may have it.  When she asks my husband question related to ADHD his answers aren't....completely accurate.  Partly b/c he doesn't WANT to have ADHD and partly I think he doesn't realize how extreme he is in some things.  Are there some things I can tell her, besides the old attention and focus issues, that can help her in diagnosing?  I'm not trying to undermind her expertise, but I'd pretty much bet my life on the fact that I know my husband has ADHD.  All the feelings that you guys describe with having an ADHD spouse...I have.  If I weren't so pro marriage and committed to my faith, I may have given up already and found someone else that made me feel more complete.  But I think we can work this out.  Am I jumping the gun here?  Is it normal for it to take many sessions for the therapist to accurately diagnose?  I guess I'm just impatient as I already know he has it and I'm just waiting for her to come out and say it.  I've tried everything with my husband.  I've told him so many times how his behaviors affect me in such negative ways, but he just doesn't "get it".  And acts like he doesn't care, though I know he loves me (I think?).  Is it possible he may never admit he has it?  Even if he's diagnosed?  And I continue to tell him how much I'm hurting?  I can't come close to imagine to divorcing him.  How do I get through to him??  I can't live like this forever!