Will old "memories" go away or stay forever?

I couldn't take it any longer, and my 11 & 12 year old sons begged me to give in and let dad have a divorce, so I agreed to a divorce.  H hasn't moved out yet, so the fighting has escalated exponentially, and things are really bad.  He's medicating now, and in therapy for the first time.  He says the medication is a miracle, and likes the counseling but cut me out of it right away, hence another reason for my agreeing to the divorce, I told him if he cut me out it was over.  But now he's taken to saying that the reason he's been threatening me with a divorce for 23 years is because I've been calling him names, making fun of his job, ridiculing him and making fun of him in public and in social settings.  Now I know, for a fact, that this is not true.  I actually went to my adult children and asked them if this was even possible, and they were appalled at the suggestion.  At one point a couple years ago he accused me of saying, doing and thinking things so much that I was evaluated for strokes and alzheimers, he hadn't been diagnosed with ADD at that point.  In his mind, he's always interpreted everything I say as an insult, a cut, as me calling him "a piece of shit" or "worthless".  And nothing I could ever say would change his mind, and I couldn't combat it.  But now, he's saying that I actually used the words lazy, worthless, stupid, etc.  and it's not true.  Is there any way to change this, or is he going to believe this forever?  Because I know he is moving out soon, and he will tell people this, he's telling my family this (he's estranged my entire family from me), he'll tell my children this, and although I shouldn't care I do.  He's the best friend anyone could ever want and nobody understands how emotionally and psychologically abusive he's been, and because I'm a lawyer and he's a blue collar worker, it's easy for people to believe that I'm just like he describes and he's the victim.  I just wanted to part friends, I wanted to be one of the friends he has, to be a priority for a change, to be important to him.  I was okay losing my marriage if it meant we could have a healthy relationship and all the emotional & psychological abuse stopped, and I wouldn't have to deal with the lies, the mind reading, and the ADD.  Now it's worse!  Will the medication help him organize his thoughts about our earlier marriage?  or just his life going forward?