The wine is helping

I just got home from work and I'm exhausted.  I drive an hour to get home from work, which took longer than usual today.  I asked my husband to pick up milk, but I just knew he forgot, so I stopped to get it.  When I got home, I found him unloading the car.  He decided to go grocery shopping because there was "no food in the house" (of course he didn't get milk).  I just went to the store two days ago.  What he got was 90% junk and convenience foods.  The day before I went, I asked him to go to the grocery store while I was at work and left a list for him and the credit card for the account we needed to use for groceries.  He didn't end up doing it, so I went the next day.  Today, he got a wild hair up his butt to go buy groceries and didn't have that card so used the card to the account for our bills.  He used to have his own card to the other account, but it was canceled when we were separated.  I've been asking him to order and new one, but he is having some kind of difficulty ordering one.  I told him to contact them, but he has yet to do it.  Since the account is in his name, I can't do it for him (unless I say I am him, which I've done before).  I can transfer money back into the account to correct it, but since our money transfers in from our Paypal account, it takes a few days.  I have outstanding checks I have written for bills, so hopefully nothing bounces before the money transfers in.

On Fridays, my oldest daughter has to be picked up at 6:30 pm from her tumbling and trampoline practice and then my 10 y/o daughter has to be dropped off at her dad's house (about a 30 min drive).  He usually does those things on Fridays since it takes me an hour to get home from work and I usually don't get home until almost 9 pm.  Today, I was supposed to get home around 5:30 pm, so I offered to do it.  The company I work for scheduled another appointment for me at 5 pm at the last minute, so I couldn't leave work until after that.  Unfortunately, my phone died and I didn't have a charger with me (totally my fault).  When I got home around 6:30 pm, he assumed I was still doing it.  My 7 year old started crying because she hasn't seen me all day and she was hungry for dinner, so my husband offered to go ahead and do the driving for me.  Although it was really nice of him to do it, I got myself all worked up about the groceries and the fact that nobody was there picking up my daughter.  I yelled at him about not taking care of the credit card thing.  He told me I should have never canceled his card in the first place.   I hate when it gets to this place.

My husband is going out with his buddy tonight, so I am sitting her with my glass of wine.  I feel better after having some food and drinking some wine.