Winning Back Ex-Boyfriend with ADHD

I dated a guy with ADHD for 6 months (we are both in our mid-30s).  He told me that he had ADHD, that he was diagnosed as an adult, and that he only recently started taking medication, which he took only during the work week.  As you hear often on these Forums, when he was focused on me, everything was great.  Throughout the time we dated, he was great about calling me every day, and when we were together, we had a lot of fun and no strife.  However, the time we spent together in person was very inconsistent because of the million different activities he was always trying to cram into his limited free time (e.g., I might see him 3 times one week and none the next two weeks).  Over time, I began to feel unimportant to him because I could not get the time together in person that I wanted (i.e., I was asking to see him once a week).  I tried to raise the issue very casually the first few times (e.g., I miss you when I don't see you.  I wish we could spend more time together).  Eventually, I had a more formal talk with him about it expressing my concerns, how it made me feel, and looking for constructive ways to make things better (i.e., me riding around with him while he ran errands or meeting up long enough to watch an hour of tv).  I thought it would be a simple discussion and that we would be able to reach some compromise easily.  The talk completely caught him off guard (he had missed my more subtle hints) and freaked/stressed him out , and at the time, I did not understand why.  Over the next week, he started pulling away and not being responsive to me.  We met in person again, once he had time to sort through some of his thoughts together, to talk some more, but we made no progress.  The whole issue completely overwhelmed him.  Then, two days later (2 weeks from our formal conversation), he broke up with me via e-mail.  It has now been 3 months since the break up, and I only recently discovered this website.  Thanks to this site, I now have a much better understanding of how ADHD affected our relationship and his seeming overreaction to our talk, which is something I still do not believe he understands.  I love him and I want to get him back, but he has not contacted me at all, except to send a thank you text in response to the happy birthday text that I sent to him.  Is there anything I can do, or is all lost since he seems to have hit the eject button and not looked back?