Hello everyone,

I'd like any advice anyone might have about ANYTHING that will help me.

I have to switch primary care doctors because my PCP has left for a different state.  Long story short:  I'm running out of pills and can't see my new doctor til Friday.

I'm trying to function on half of what I usually take and i'm a mess.  it's only been a day and a half and I am an absolute f*cking mess.  I know most of it is physical withdrawal symptoms (exhausted, head feels like a wet sponge) but I am just so f*cking stupid and cannot make the smallest f*cking decisions.  I stare at objects i pick up and wonder what to do with them... where do they go?  which thing should I put away first? 

I've got to leave for my second teaching job for the day in 30 minutes and i'm wondering if I should just take tomorrow's ration so that I don't screw up.

*sigh*  I hate feeling like a junkie.

mostly though, i'm worried that the new doctor will be unwilling to prescribe Adderall for any number of reasons (like not believing ADD exists).

I'm just angry at all the college kids, bankers, lawyers, club kids etc. who abuse Adderall and have made it so difficult to get the meds I need to function!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'm so sorry Ellamenno!!!

Have you asked your former doc if they will send your records to the new pcp? I cannot imagine that he would not do this for you, in fact, I think he would have to if you requested it. Take your Adderall bottle with you when you see the new doctor, too. Exercise, Coffee, Coffee... Fish Oil Omega 3, if you have it. I just ordered some to see if it makes a difference.

I think you need to try and keep with the 1/2 doses, if you can, I don't think you want to completely have them out of your system.

I am also sick of the New Adderall Shortage which was "Supposed" to be over last February?!? It's BS... I feel like I'm 6 Inches tall every time I go to CVS and ask for my script to be filled. Let's treat people with notoriously low self-esteem like they are Drug Seekers too! 

Hang in there Ellamenno!

worth trying

I take a medication I can't be without, for a condition some people don't "believe" in, so I understand your panic and get how others might not extend themselves to help. 

The one person who does understand is your old doc.  If you can find him, call and ask the nurse if he can call in a 5-day refill to your pharmacy.  If his moving out of state prevents this legally, ask if he can fax or email your new doc a request that the new doc phone in a 5-day refill to fill the gap until he sees you.  I believe most docs would accept the recommendation of the previous physician in an "emergency" when they know they are going to see you within days.  If the old doc agrees, call the new doc's office to fill them in so they act fast when they get the information from old doc.  This might be quicker than a records transfer, which in my most recent experience took 3 weeks and cost me $15 (for my own records!!).  This situation is challenging, because everybody knows you won't "die" without your meds, but you feel like you are!  Lastly, don't start worrying yet about what new doc might do.  That's for another day.  best wishes

thanks, y'all

it's so hard for me not to worry about every potential thing that could go wrong... My new doc is in the same practice, so my records are right there. I called today but my old doc is unreachable and the new one won't write a scrpt without seeing me first.... then of course there's the shortage YYZ mentioned.....

one more idea

ellamenno, did you try to talk to a nurse by any chance? I don't know if it would help, but long story short, sometimes when I cannot get an answer or help from a doctor, a nurse has enough time to call me back. Once I explained a situation to a nurse (needed an appointment to see my busy doctor and he didn't have an opening for months), and she treated me very nicely and did everything she could to help me, and did get me in to see a PA very quickly. I realize that your situation is different, but maybe if you explained it to a nurse, he or she could try to help? You may try mentioning your fear that there are certain types of medication that you are not supposed to just stop taking abruptly, including what you are taking (it doesn't mean you are drug-seeking, it means your body is used to taking it, just like anti-depressants and many other medications--it is not good to just stop them without tapering off). Hope this helps. Sorry for your situation. I have read about the shortages (great story recently in the NY Times) and it is tough for folks on ADHD meds. Best of luck to you. 

Ah, the humiliation....

Everyone I talk to in my doc's office tells me the same thing:  take half doses of whatever i've got left until I can get 'evaluated' by my new doctor and she will decide 'what to do from there."  *sigh*  I get the same speech about how I am taking a 'controlled substance' and that there are lots of laws blah, blah.....  so again i'm left looking like a tweaker jonesing for a buzz.  *sigh*

This morning is a bit less awful than yesterday.  (Thanks to my 6am run, I think!)

So, just hanging in there and hoping a) I get a script Friday and b)my pharmacy actually HAS generic adderall.


I guarantee the Run helped... In the last week I've managed to get most of my 5am and after work walks into the schedule (3-4 miles a day) and it makes a HUGE difference in how I feel. Not a "I think" I feel a little better, but an "I'm 100% sure I feel better". I know I have greater anxiety and flounder a lot more when my walking routine is Not Routine. I'm reading "Delivered from Distraction" right now (about 2/3's through it) and exercise is a recurring theme as a "MUST" for ADD treatment.

Good luck on Friday!