Hello everyone,

I'd like any advice anyone might have about ANYTHING that will help me.

I have to switch primary care doctors because my PCP has left for a different state.  Long story short:  I'm running out of pills and can't see my new doctor til Friday.

I'm trying to function on half of what I usually take and i'm a mess.  it's only been a day and a half and I am an absolute f*cking mess.  I know most of it is physical withdrawal symptoms (exhausted, head feels like a wet sponge) but I am just so f*cking stupid and cannot make the smallest f*cking decisions.  I stare at objects i pick up and wonder what to do with them... where do they go?  which thing should I put away first? 

I've got to leave for my second teaching job for the day in 30 minutes and i'm wondering if I should just take tomorrow's ration so that I don't screw up.

*sigh*  I hate feeling like a junkie.

mostly though, i'm worried that the new doctor will be unwilling to prescribe Adderall for any number of reasons (like not believing ADD exists).

I'm just angry at all the college kids, bankers, lawyers, club kids etc. who abuse Adderall and have made it so difficult to get the meds I need to function!!!!!!!!!!!!!