wives with ADHD husbands

Here is an article from Additude magazine about coping techniques for wives with husbands that have ADHD.  http://www.additudemag.com/adhd-web/article/658.html. I hope the link works.  I follow their page on facebook and get really good articles for adults and kids. This article is pretty good except I'm not crazy about the first scenario-taking out the trash and the husband gets distracted and doesn't do it.  They go on to say wives feel it's just easier to do those things themselves then to keep reminding etc.  Which is true for me.  They recommend saying things like "I really appreciate that you took out the trash".  This is just me and I know I have my own issues, but I don't like this.  I never get a thank you for doing any of the 1,000's of things I do everyday.  I also try to teach my kids that some things you just have to do.  And I praise them for a job well done but I don't thank them for doing something they should be doing.  When I lived on my own, no one was there to thank me for doing the dishes or keeping the apartment clean.  I did it for the internal satisfaction of having a clean living space.  I went off an a little tangent.  Sorry.  The rest of the article is pretty good, except in my case, if I "checked in" with my husband during tasks he would not appreciate the help, he would yell at me. That's the issue, his anger. I like at the end when the wife says she has learned to just go places in separate cars since he is always running late.  She feels better knowing that she won't be late.