Woman with ADD and husband wants divorce

Hello Everyone. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 14 years old (currently I am 28). I stopped medication when I was 22 years old. I was doing well in college and had good friendships. However my grades were better in my junior and senior years of college and graduate school. Now I realize I was doing well because those with ADD can concentrate well on things they find interesting. So these classes i was in were directly related to my desired job one day. I had even thought that I may had been diagnosed at age 14 as there was alot of instability in my home life at the time.  Last year I got married and after being married for less than a year my husband has left. In stepping back and  doing more research I have realized more that ADD is a behavioral disorder as well and fully believe I do have this disorder. My husband says he does not care and that he wants to divorce me. He is upset I didn't tell him in more detail about me having this. I didn't think I had it anymore and did over dinner one night briefly say I was on medication for ADD in the past. However with not taking it for years it simply did not seem important for me to share as it can be overdiagnosed as well. I did not have too much in depth knowledge about ADD. He says I took his future away from him. I have started treatment for this again, am seeing my own counselor,  have offered counseling for us and said seperation for however long is alright with me. My husband has already sent me divorce papers. Any suggestions?