Won't talk to me anymore

For those of you following my story, my wife has decided not to talk to me anymore other than important things involving our house. When I returned from my trip, we began counseling again. It was a rocky start. We both had alot of things we wanted to say and the first couple of sessions were tense. Our counselor thought that I did a good job of getting my point across without being impulsive or letting my feelings guide my responses though I was understandably emotional. My wife had brought up me moving near them a few times since she left to hopefully make counseling more effective and allow me more time with my daughter but every time I've close to making the steps to move, she would express some concern and back off from wanting me to move. Finally, I decided to go ahead and list the house for sale and informed her of my decision. I included her in discussions regarding the listing price and how we would afford moving expenses. I also provided some options in regard to purchasing a condo under my name solely as opposed to renting. She was overwhelmed by all the information but I stressed the importance of being able to spend time with my daughter during the holidays and trying to get the house sold as soon as possible due to rising interest rates, increasing housing inventory, and holidays approaching. We came to an agreement on the listing price and put it on the market. Then, the next day she reached out to our realtor and continued to demand an explanation as to why we listed the house lower than what she thought it was worth even though we had come to an agreement on what to list it for the previous day and discussed why.  The realtor reiterated the reasons I explained the previous day including area used for comparables, houses sold in our area in the past 6 months, and feature comparisons, however, she still was not convinced and has been stubborn and argumentative about it for two weeks now causing a lot of tension between us. So much so, that she is now not talking to me anymore, refuses to go to counseling, barely is letting me talk to our daughter for even 5 minutes a day and has no plans to ensure I have time with our daughter for the holidays. She also made it clear that moving would not be to help reconcile our relationship. Regardless of our counselors advice and insight not only on the improvements and progress I have made, but the noticeable issues my wife needs to address, she refuses to accept any of it and puts all blame on me. She continues to belittle me and view everything said and done through a negative lens. At this point, I'm just hoping for as much time with my daughter as possible until I can afford a lawyer. I don't know what else I can do and I think moving will just enable her further.