WOW - this is powerful! (Thanks DeDe and J)

Dede  posted about this guy, and J also posted about him.  This video has REALLY opened my eyes quite a bit to how much trauma CAN affect someone.  So much of this sounds like the ADHD/ADD stuff as well.  I know for my H - what happened to him in childhood is a big precursor and aggravator to hi ADHD tendencies.  I suspect he would not have NEARLY the issues he has with his tendencies had he not experienced his CSA.


This guy is describing EVERYTHING I could ever hope for my H.


For those of you working hard on your issues, or who are scared to face them - listen to this guy.  He isnt flashy, he doesnt speak down to you, and he gives things straight up.    


This is a FANTASTIC video for ANYONE who has struggled with ANY sort of trauma, including the trauma of having a spouse who ghosts you, lies to you, is unfaithful etc... this guys speaks to ALL of us.