Yay!! Literal positive step forward!

Even though I have NEVER mentioned it to him, my DH is about 60 pounds overweight.  The extra weight really doesn't look bad on him, considering how tall he is so even when he mentioned it I just told him he looked fine (he was underweight and looked like a walking skeleton when I met him).  We have had WAY bigger issues than his weight to deal with.  Well...at his doctor appt. yesterday they told him that with his family history of diabetes, he needs to get off the computer, exercise and lose some of the weight.  Also yesterday he joined the flag football team (at the college he goes to) and they had their first game.  Hahahahaha he wasn't as "in shape" as he thought he was.  So this morning on the way to work/school he looks over at me and says "I am going to start walking with you after work".  I usually go for a run every night so I guess I am slowing to a walk, but it was so awesome to see him make a positive decision by himself with NO input from me!!!  :)