Yes, you'll want pants....

I'm trying to see the humor in this situation, but it's difficult to do so.  My husband decided to drive home today from his parents' house (2 1/2 hours away) without his pants on.  Because it was hot.  And because he apparently doesn't understand normal societal and social boundaries.    



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How awkward!  But. . . . . as I contemplate it . . . . . it certainly fits into the 'doesn't go by the social norms' that seem to live in some of our ADHD spouses.

I feel your uncomfortable-ness.  Sorry :(

A few years ago, a

A few years ago, a health-care worker said my husband had sexually harassed her.  He likes watching TV shows in which young women of our daughters' age have sex.  It's kind of  creepy.

At least he didn't get a

At least he didn't get a speeding ticket this time. No officer, my wallets in my pants. In the trunk. Would you mind getting it for me?


LOL, at least his car didn't break down. I was just thinking that in a movie or something this would be funny but in real life, it would be pretty awful if his car had actually broken down and you had been called to go help him as he sat there with no pants on. 


Even in my most ADHD "societal-conventions-be-damned" moment, I always wear clothes outside the house.    

It sounds funny, but I bet it's pretty disturbing to you, and I completely get why you find this off-putting.  It has a certain yuck factor to it, and I'm sorry this is just one more thing in the immense pile of crap you have to deal with in your marriage.