The yo-you has started again?

So after almost 4 days of having my DH (almost) back to his old self - I fear that the nasty behavior is creeping back in.  So he was to drop one of our kids at a friends house to play (never been to this house before but its only 2 blocks away and I gave him the full address and directions - verbally twice and I wrote it down). My son calls not 2 mins after they left and asks where the house is? And two seconds later - my DH is yelling in the background (where the F^^^ is the house? There is not house # that you told/gave me.  I can't find it - Im bringing her home.) I give him the directions again/the house number again - the house has to be there.  No he insisted there isn't any house with that number.  Then he says, Oh never mind here it is. Click.   Really? Really?  Here is a man that can/has flown out to new cities and navigated his way around perfectly but can't find a house that is 2 blocks way in the neighborhood that he has lived in for 7 years? Really?! So he calls back 2 hours later(like nothing is wrong) and says it sounds like you are mad-why? So I explain that I there was no reason for you to blow up on the phone like you did - my concern now, is that the old attitude is beginning to start again (after 3 days without it)  His answer: your probably right (that he didn't need to blow up ).  Nothing else. Then when I see him 2 hours later, he acts as though nothing is wrong.  Ok, not a big deal - its just one thing right?  Wrong!

All day I have heard "i want to join a club (gym)"  "I can't wait to join" "when are we going to join" "Here's what I was thinking about joining" - ENOUGH!  We have had this SAME conversation for the last 3 months - the outcome - when I have a full time perm job we will join.  This will be happening by 1/31/11. I already saw the free joiners fee, we know the monthly fee, yes, I know how helpful it will be for you, yes, I know that you want to lose weight (again). ENOUGH! I have explained this to him at least 3 times - but he just won't stop! 

Then blows off our daily meeting (again - he did it last night too but at least we were together watching sports game on tv) So Im not going to remind him of our meetings - he knows how to tell time.  Im not going to chase - thats part of what I find exhausts me when I would chase him to talk, meeting, ect.  Since I have completely quit (expection last week) I do find that I am not as tired.

So needless to say, my fears of his nasty attitude and bad behavior seem to be making an appearance yet again.  Time to ramp up the plans for me.  Just reading my plan for obtaining my happiness helps me to regain my center and deal with the real issues and flush everything else.

I am wondering if anyone out here knows if therapy without meds works to make the positive changes?  Any and all ideas, comments, ect are welcome :)

So what will be will be.  I can only take care of me :)