You gotta roll with the punches or get knocked out

What I am finding to be unfailingly true in my relationship with my ADHD husband is that you have GOT to learn to be adaptable--if nothing else.  I have had a hard time coming to terms with that and I have spent the better part of my marriage so far being uptight and worrying and freaking out about every little thing that didn't go the way I planned.  I have been a constant nervous wreck until recently.  Now I am learning to relax and take things as they come, and with a grain of salt when I can.  I try to have a sense of humor when my husband does or says something crazy instead of blowing up and I try to be understanding and put myself in his shoes (as much as possible) when he has a hard time with "normal" things.  Is it hard?  You bet!  But I have to learn to live day by day and I have found that to be the best way to survive for me.  That conclusion has come after plenty of troubles (his job losses, lies, impulsive spending & a dash of infidelity), tons of tears and heartache and lots of praying.  I had to ask myself if I really wanted to stay with my husband (I thought about leaving plenty of times).  Then it hit me.  I can't control what my husband does, but I can control how I react to things and I know for a fact if things continued the way they were going (on my end), it wouldn't have lasted.  I kind of feel like my theme song right now is that country song "She changed her mind when she couldn't change me".   My husband still has a problem so far with keeping jobs and so many other things, even with medication, but I still feel so much more free after deciding to change my way of thinking.  I don't know if I'll ever have this all figured out or even if my marriage will last forever, but it's lasting today.