You have got to be kidding me!

I feel like I live on a roller coaster. Some days it's fun other days it's just pure exhausting... for no REAL reason. My ADHD husband works six days a week, so you would think that the one day we both have off together you would try extra hard to have a nice day and enjoy each others company. But more times that not Sunday mornings seem to always start off on the wrong foot. This morning he was watching TV and I was riding the stationary bike. He looks over at me and says that's why the house smells. I said what do you mean (I didn't know the house smelled). He goes that bike, it makes the house smell when you use it. I said why? He said the brakes. I laughed- I thought he was trying to make a joke (He jokes with everyone else). Off he went saying I never believe anything he says. When I tried to explain that I thought he was making a joke because obviously there are no brakes on a stationary bike he very carefully explained that there are brake pads that make the tension. So then I asked what it smelled like as I couldn't smell anything. And off he went again. I just don't understand how something that is a simple question can make someone so mad. Needless to say we spent the day doing our own thing. I had a joyous day at the beach, (which he will never go to with me). This is just an example of how a typical fight starts.... and I am always so bewildered over the explosiveness over nothing.  We have been married 16 years and I can go so long where I excuse it, but it seems the more I excuse it the more it happens, maybe because he thinks he can get away with it. Then after several episodes in a short period of time I'll just stop talking to him.  I think it wakes him up and then he is good for awhile. It is so frustrating.  I mean once he called me a very nasty C word because I questioned him about a pizza place he went too. He thought I was calling him a liar when in fact I was just trying to figure out which pizza place out of the 300 in our area he had gone too. It's crazy and I truly think it affects my health.  I went to a reflexologist recently and she said you are very stressed.  The only thing that stresses me is HIM!