I´ve been hanging here for a while, in order to better understand my ex BF (with adhd) and what happened in our relation. Still learning A LOT  from all you posters, and Melissa, very grateful.
But my main impression is what a fantastic person you seem to be YYZ, I guess half of the women on this forum are in love with you, and I am no exception ;-) You are such an example for any man or woman, adhd or not. Funny, considerate, humble, intelligent, loving (your wife) and mature. I have learned so much about ADD from your posts.

My point is, if you somehow could persuade your wife to read your posts here, she ought to see what an amazing husband she has and is risking to lose, if she can´t let go of her anger (don´t misunderstand me, I realize she has been through a lot of suffering).

Hope this post doesn´t offend anyone, I just had to express my admiration for you, YYZ! 

(As a Swedish citizen I am not very good in the English language, my apologize.)