YYZ's Progress Report

I have not started a post in a long time, so I think today is as good as any.

A little over two years after my diagnosis I feel like things in my house are better than they have been in a long time. I always take my meds, read and respond to many posts here (This site and it's great people have really made a difference) and continue to work on my ADD behavior. Communication between my DW is much improved and the anger and frustration seems to be fading fast.

I wanted to post results that are positive to those who, like me, needed to know that it is possible for things to work out for the marriage blown-up by the affects of ADD and all the other things that get marriages in trouble. I knew improvement would take time and patience and though we still face challenges like any marriage, time has indeed passed, communication improved, ADD symptoms are better controlled and I am feeling some peace and a lot less anxiety in my marriage.

The big issue regarding weight loss and the "Real Reason" behind it is less of an issue. I believe my reassurances to my DW that I want only her, and unlike seemingly every couple around us in our age range, I don't want a divorce and am not having an affair. Time seems to be helping us both. I don't know the "Magic Formula", but patience and understanding what your spouse is dealing with is a must. I have ADD and other issues and my wife have battled with depression and these things helped create how we deal with things. Understanding "Why" I get some reactions has made a difference for me. I'm hoping that my DW has some understanding of the "Why" I act/react the way I do sometimes. I do/have done many things that someone outside our marriage might say "Don't put up with this... Run...". I have heard some of the same comments and because I understand some of the root causes for the behaviors I can keep them in perspective.

Many people here on this site have given me perspective regarding what we are going through and would not be where I am without their support.