2 Days Left to Register for the Couples Seminar!

The ADHD Effect Couples Seminar starts in just TWO DAYS - on Wednesday, Oct 4.  Are you and your partner ready to:

  • learn specific communication techniques demonstrated to help couples impacted by ADHD interact more easily?
  • find out which of your differences are physiological and which are habit?
  • get out from under the destructive parent-child dynamics you likely suffer from?
  • calm the roller coaster of emotions you experience?
  • connect more easily?

That - and a whole lot more (full syllabus is here) - is covered in my couples seminar.  This course was designed specifically for couples in which one or both partners have ADHD and it has been transformative for many couples who have taken it.  I will be giving it only once more in the near future - starting if February.  But why wait?  Don't you want to learn how to have calmer and happier days together right now?

Register here or just visit to find out more.  If you have questions, please contact me!

With best wishes,

Melissa Orlov