ADHD Partner New Habits Coaching - 2 spots left!

Hello!  Partners with ADHD who took the ADHD & Marriage couples seminar are invited to join in Cam Gott's Foundations in Habit Development group coaching course.  Don't wait - there are only two spots left for the session that starts on Sept. 20!

This coaching is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Address some of the emotions you may feel around tasks that lead to procrastination
  • Learn what your own mind needs to stay on task
  • Work with a very senior coach to get new habits in place for something important to you
  • Join in a community of others with ADHD who are also looking to accelerate their growth

Cam Gott is a very experienced coach who knows how to get adults with ADHD moving ahead to reach their goals - in business, at home or simply for personal development.

If you are struggling to complete what you set out to do, I hope you'll consider taking this course.

With best wishes,

Melissa Orlov