Emotions and Triggers Seminar - Register Now!

I'm delighted to announce a new workshop for those who are seeking additional support for calming their relationships, Managing Emotions and Triggers in Adults.

I get it – it takes a long time to learn what’s underneath the emotions that lead to flooding and/or escape patterns…and to learn how to tame them.  But until you do, your relationship may be held hostage by volatility.  Your interactions with each other are warped as either partner wonders whether or not the other might explode, critique or otherwise respond negatively.

If you’re one of the many struggling with the impact of emotions and triggers in your relationship, I encourage you to consider taking a new, small group coaching course designed to help you calm your lives together.  For dates and to register, go to this page.

In groups of about 10 people that meet once a week for 8 weeks, you will learn to identify key triggers plus specific strategies to tame the emotions involved.  Best of all, in a small group setting you’ll be able to explore your own relationship’s issues, and try out what works for you while also learning from what doesn’t.

These groups are led by Diane Dempster, who has years of experience helping families and adults better manage emotions.  Take it to manage your own emotions…or to understand how to better deal with your partner’s.  Take it as an individual, or as a couple.

Weekly, one hour sessions start April 21 and end June 9.  Sessions meet at 8pm eastern.  Register here.

If you have more questions, please contact Diane directly at [email protected].

With best wishes,