This Fall, Tame the Anger in Your Relationship

Working through your anger can be hard, and is an area where partners get 'stuck' when trying to improve their relationship.  My upcoming seminar, How to Diminish Anger in Your Relationship, is designed to:

  • be a safer space in which you can identify and surface your feelings of anger
  • teach you proven interaction and anger management skills
  • provide time to practice new skills to improve interactions during class

Class size is limited, so that there is useful back and forth conversation with me and other participants.  It is formatted to be an 'exploration' and skill building seminar, vs. the information-dense introduction that is my popular couples seminar, The ADHD Effect In-Depth.  

For those who don't know how ADHD impacts their relationship or are new to the topic, the seminar to choose is my couples seminar, even if anger is an issue.  This will get you both headed in the same direction and with a comprehensive knowledge of the issues you both face as well as important strategies to improve your relationship.

For those who have taken the first seminar or have had extensive counseling, but who struggle with taming hard feelings and/or anger outbursts in their relationship, the anger seminar will provide extended support for tackling this difficult dynamic.  

You do not have to be 'stuck,' simply because ADHD is in your lives.  I hope you will consider using this Fall as a time to focus on your relationship together and join me in an upcoming seminar.  The couples' seminar starts Sept. 26.  The anger seminar starts Sept. 13.  As always, please let me know if you have questions by contacting me.

With warmest wishes,

Melissa Orlov