Foundations in New Habits - only 2 spots left!


Are you an ADHD partner interested in Cam Gott's group coaching about how to develop new habits that stick (because they work with how your own brain works)?  If so, there are two spaces left in the upcoming group that starts Sept. 20.

The information about this group is at the Foundations in Habit Development page and you can register there, too.

Cam is an experienced and terrific coach who, for many years now, has been giving this course only to those who have taken my couples seminar.  You'll be on the same page as your classmates...

Maybe you are frustrated by how hard it is to stay on task or complete what you start.  Cam can help you with that.

Maybe you would like to prioritize better.  Cam can help with that, too.

Maybe you would like your partner to stop reminding you to do stuff.  Well...Cam can't do that for you, but he can help you learn more about how to get done what you want.

The next session starts Sept. 20.  Sign up for one of those last spots now!

Best wishes to you,

Melissa Orlov