Goodness is a Skill


ADHD & Marriage - Weekly Marriage Tip - March 27, 2014

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Goodness is a skill you learn through daily practice.”

- Peter Georgescu, The Constant Choice



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Goodness is a Skill

Georgescu, who was abducted by the Communists, separated from his parents for eight years, and put to work in a forced labor camp in Romania as a child, has seen his share of evil. Eventually reunited with his family and given asylum in the U.S. starting in his teens, he went on to be CEO of a huge, multi-national company. He credits his success to the many people who gave of their time and energy to generously support him by giving him opportunities to succeed, and his experience with the best in people has encouraged a life of thinking deeply about what makes us good and what makes us evil.

He, like me, is a proponent of shaping your life through intentional actions. Every day one has the opportunity to be a ‘good’ person. Do you take them? Do you seek them out?

These are the questions I would ask you to contemplate this week.


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